How To Get Verified On Twitter: 5 Tips For Twitter Verification

Jessica Li
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Getting verified on Twitter tells users that your profile is credible, authentic, and trustworthy. It’s also kind of a status symbol, which means it pays to have that little blue checkmark badge on your account.

Tips to Get Twitter Verification as a Creator

Whether you’re a journalist, a business, a musician, a politician, or anyone else, getting verified on Twitter has its advantages, especially if you’re trying to grow your followers. To help you get that blue checkmark badge everyone’s after, we’ll run through a few tips that will improve your chances of succeeding.

What does it mean to be verified?

The blue Twitter verification badge means Twitter recognizes the account to be real, credible, and of interest to the public. Previously, anyone could apply for Twitter verification and would be approved if they met the verification requirements. But near the end of 2017, Twitter decided to temporarily stop accepting public submissions for verification to work on improving its process.

In 2021, Twitter finally reopened verification for public figures and high-interest accounts in the following categories:

  • Companies, brands, and organizations
  • Entertainment
  • Sports and gaming
  • Government
  • News organizations/journalists
  • Activists, organizers, and other influential people

Only Twitter can verify accounts; third parties can’t do it. But getting verified doesn’t mean an account is endorsed by Twitter. It just means the platform has determined that it’s credible. If an account is verified, the badge will always show in the same place next to the username and on any tweet they post. If you search the Twitter account’s username on Google, the blue checkmark badge will also show up next to it in the search results.

Closeup of Twitter app open to the Twitter account.

The benefits of having a verified account

The main benefit of getting verified on Twitter is that users will know immediately that you’re legit. They won’t have to worry about getting spammed or following an account that’s run by an impersonator. The badge is an immediate sign that your account is authentic and trustworthy.

Having a verified account on Twitter is also proof that your account provides something of value to the general public. Users will automatically know that you’re not manipulating or misleading them. As a result, you’ll probably gain more followers if you’re able to verify your account.

Who can get the blue checkmark badge?

Unfortunately, having a ton of followers on Twitter isn’t enough to get verified. First, your account has to be included in one of the six categories listed above to be eligible for verification. Fortunately, Twitter recently announced that it will expand its verification program to new categories, including academics, scientists, and religious leaders, sometime later in 2022.

To be verified, an account also has to be “complete,” meaning it has to have a verified email address or phone number, a profile image, and a display name.

Beyond that, Twitter has strict guidelines for anyone who wants to get verified and states that accounts must be “authentic,” “notable,” and “active” to get the coveted blue checkmark badge. Wondering what those terms mean exactly? Here’s a quick explanation.

  • Authentic: The account has to be run by a real person, and Twitter will verify your identity to prove this.
  • Notable: The account has to be associated with a prominent and recognized person or brand. Twitter will look at things like mentions on official sites and news sources, activity in the field, and overall follower count to determine if your account is notable.
  • Active: The account is used regularly and hasn’t been suspended for violating Twitter rules.

Tips to become verified on Twitter

Before you apply for Twitter verification, there are a few ways you can build your account’s credibility and increase your likelihood of getting verified.

1. Optimize your bio

Once you create your Twitter account, you should make sure to add a descriptive bio explaining who you are and what you do. Also include your location and a link to your website, if you have one. The Beacons link in bio tool is the best tool for creators wondering how to make money on social media because it makes it easy for you to create a custom landing page that highlights your best content and cross-promotes your various social media platforms.

2. Make sure your account is public

Although Twitter offers privacy settings that allow users to protect their tweets, doing this can really limit your reach and engagement with others. To improve your engagement rate and make the most of your Twitter account and following, be sure your tweets are set to public.

3. Post frequently

Since Twitter verifies accounts that it considers active, it’s in your best interest to post frequently. Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it for the best results. Make sure you stay consistent with your posts.

Woman walking and holding her phone which is open to the Twitter feed.

4. Join other conversations

One of the best ways to present yourself as a credible account on Twitter is to engage with other users frequently and do it wisely. Participate in important conversations and social movements by using trending hashtags. Even if you don’t think a trending hashtag relates to your industry or profession, chances are it does in some way or another. So think outside of the box to make a real connection, and join in the conversation however you can.

If you experience creative blocks, instead of just posting your thoughts as Tweets, you can also ask questions, use Twitter polls, and mention other verified accounts to invite them into the conversation too.

5. Create a marketing strategy

Without a clear marketing strategy, leveraging Twitter for business growth or personal brand recognition can be difficult. Having a strategy in place will help you outline specific goals, gauge the competition, plan out your content calendar, and track your growth and engagement.

Not only will this help you maintain a regular posting schedule, but your marketing strategy will also inform all your important decisions, like what type of content you post, who you engage with on Twitter, and how you go about doing it.

Start the verification process

If you feel like your account fits the criteria for verification, starting the verification process is quick and easy. To begin, head to the Account Information page in Settings and scroll down to Request Verification.

Select a category

Once you’ve started the verification process, the next step is to select a category. You’ll have to choose from the six eligible categories we mentioned earlier. Twitter will also ask you to submit specific requirements for authenticity and notability within that category.

Add notable work

Next, you’ll need to verify your authenticity with notable credits or work. For example, if you’re a journalist, you might list a few links to recent bylines in well-known news sources. Or if you’re a social media influencer, you might list follower stats or mentions to prove that you meet the necessary minimums Twitter has set.

Confirm your identity

Twitter will also want to ensure that you are who you say you are. Unfortunately, it’s not enough for you to just click a box and confirm that you’re a real person instead of an impersonator. Instead, Twitter verifies identities by requiring a photo ID or an official website reference for the account you’re submitting.

Submit your request

Once you’ve completed all the steps above, you can submit your request, and Twitter will take a few weeks to review it. If your verification request is approved, the blue badge will automatically appear on your profile. 

If Twitter rejects your request for verification, you should take some time to review your profile and take steps to improve it before reapplying. You won’t be able to reapply for verification until 30 days after your initial application, so you’ll have plenty of time to make improvements to your profile.

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