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What is it?

Your central storefront for fans

Sell your digital products—including ebooks, guides, files, and PDFS—directly to your fans right from your Beacons page with your Beacons storefront. Link directly to your products from anywhere on the web and take fans straight to your store.

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How can you use it?
Sell digital products to fans
Simple checkout for buyers
Brand your store in your style
Link directly to products
Promote and sell in one place
Show off great reviews
Smooth checkout
Buyers will enjoy a smooth checkout experience on both desktop and mobile, and you'll see more sales through to completion.
Link from anywhere
Link directly to digital products from anywhere on the web. No additional clicks needed—meaning fans find your products with no distraction.
Add carousel images
Add a carousel of images to make your store item pop. Get creative—upload you own images, or choose from our free image options.
Add product reviews
Show fans why they need your products with great reviews from other buyers. Add reviews to individual products to highlight what fans love.
Add $0 items
Add $0 digital items to your store to give away for free. $0 items are a great way to draw in fans and upsell additional products!
All digital is game
Sell any digital products you choose—ebooks, PDFs, videos, online courses, music and audio, digital prints, images, .zip files, and more.
Notable Users
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What are the fees for selling on Beacons?

Currently, platform fees on Beacons are 0% commission on sales for users on the Entrepreneur plan, and 9% for users on the Creator plan.

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