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Grab the attention of your target audience and grow your business with our mobile website builder that can create a unique, easy-to-navigate site!

Create free landing pages with customizable backgrounds and buttons

Incorporate buttons for subscribing, buying and anything else you might want
Customize backgrounds with animated GIFS and videos
Choose from more than 1,000 fonts to suit your brand

Add a custom domain to your website to match your brand

Fans easily remember your unique custom domain
Choose a domain that represents you and matches your creative style
Available on our pro plan pricing

Get started with eCommerce!

Sell Tickets
Sell Merchandise
Promote events
Accept donations

Add your content from TikTok and Instagram including video and music content

Understand your followers with our visual analytics dashboard

You can track your page views to see which pages are most popular, track your link clicks and click-through links to see where people are going and get historical analytics charts to view your progress over time. Beacons puts powerful metrics and reports right in your hand.

Customize your design with additional tabs, animations, GIFs and unlimited links

Beacons is the best mobile website and landing page builder for creators.
You can build an amazing website right from your phone that is beautiful, embodies your brand and appeals to your fans.
Today, it’s more important than ever for creators to have a personal website.
You can provide links to all of your accounts, monetize more easily and show everyone the best version of yourself.

What is a mobile website builder?

A mobile website builder is a tool that can help you create your own site with tools that make it easy with little-to-no experience. Having a mobile-optimized website is essential, with most people using their phones to search for products and services. 

With a mobile website builder like Beacons, you have the tools you need at your fingertips to quickly build a mobile site that’s easy to use for your audience and is designed to help convert sales.

How does the Beacons mobile website builder help earn you money?

As an influencer, you have so many options for making money off the brand you’ve built. Don’t miss out on opportunities to monetize your social media presence because you don’t have web design experience; use Beacons to build a mobile site that helps you make money

The Beacons mobile website builder can help you to make a professional-looking and eye-catching mobile website that attracts customers and feels trustworthy. With Beacons, you can create landing pages with buttons that lead users right to what you’re trying to sell. Whether you’re trying to build your subscribers or sell merch, event tickets, cameos, or custom requests, the Beacons mobile website builder makes it easy to design landing pages that cater to your creator goals.

Does the Beacons mobile website builder allow you to customize your landing pages?

You want your landing pages to be unique and showcase you in the best light. With the Beacons mobile website builder, you can customize your landing pages to do just that. Build a mobile site that embodies your brand and what you have to offer. With Beacons, you can choose your fonts and backgrounds, add videos and animations, create customized buttons, and prioritize links that direct your audience right to your merch, services, subscription options, social media platforms, and more.

With a custom Beacons mobile site, you have the ability to sell tickets and merch, accept donations, promote events, add content from your social media pages, and so much more.

Does Beacons make it easy to build a mobile website?

Yes, our website builder is designed to be a quick and easy eCommerce solution for content creators—no experience needed. The Beacons website builder leverages AI for a streamlined experience that builds as you go. All you need to do is select the different features you want to utilize, and our AI can create a template for you that you can then further customize with our drag-and-drop functionality. Our website builder also allows you to pull in content from elsewhere, so it’s easy to add all your information, content, and customizations.

Once you’re done, add your new mobile site as a TikTok or Instagram link in bio where your followers can easily find it.

Why do content creators need a mobile website?

From selling your merch to securing brand deals, a mobile website is essential for content creators. Having a mobile website allows you to compile all the most important information about yourself and what you’re offering in one convenient place. With a mobile website, you’re more accessible, you have more opportunities to make money, and you’re able to present yourself as a professional creator.

How much does it cost to use Beacons’ Mobile Website Builder tools?

Beacons offers two plans for our mobile website builder tools. You can select from the free Creator plan or upgrade to the Entrepreneur plan for $10 per month. The biggest difference between the Creator and Entrepreneur plan is how your website is hosted. With the free version, your website is hosted on a link. With the entrepreneur version, you can host your website on a custom domain.

Additionally, with the Entrepreneur plan, you get up to three additional pages, access to advanced analytics, pay zero percent commission on your sales, and can remove Beacons branding on the page.

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