13 ideas for your creator's block

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff
You have a goal to post more regularly to grow your following and build strong relationships with existing followers. Sounds easy enough, right?

You have a goal to post more regularly to grow your following and build strong relationships with existing followers. Sounds easy enough, right? But each time you go to post, you come up blank. You're not sure what topics to cover or what types of posts would be most interesting for your followers. 🤔

We've been there before too, so we put together this list of 13 types of social media posts you can create. Bookmark and come back to this list when you're creating your content calendar or whenever you feel stuck in coming up with new post ideas! 💡

Shout outs 🗣️

Have a role model, mentor, or good friend? Give them a shout out on your social media. You'll help your followers discover more awesome people to follow, and you'll earn brownie pints with the people you recognize.

Interviews 🎤

Beyond shout outs, interview the people you look up to! Write an article, post an audio recording, or share a video. Your followers can learn from even more people, and you can better showcase your network and reach.

Reshares 🙋‍♀️

Love a post someone else made? Reshare it on your social media! Or have a compelling, evergreen post you shared from months or years ago? Share it again!

Questions ❓

Have a question on your mind? Ask your followers to solicit wisdom from the crowds. Your followers will appreciate an opportunity to share their insights and engage directly with you, and you'll hopefully get the answers you're looking for.

Tips 💸

Have some hard earned wisdom? Share it in a tips list graphic or thread with your followers. They'll enjoy learning from you, and you'll further brand yourself as an expert in your space.

Life updates 🥂

Did you recently reach a meaningful milestone? From starting a new job to getting engaged to buying a new home, your followers want to stay up to date with you, so share these life updates and your reflections with them!

Lifestyle videos 🧘

Posts don't all have to be special and planned. Take your followers through your day. It may seem plain and boring to you, but for your followers who haven't lived your life, it's fresh and fascinating content! They'll gain a better understanding of your life and feel even closer to you.

Throwback photos 🥰

Posts don't all have to be recent either! Find yourself reminiscing on a fun event or trip? Dig up the photos and share them.

Memes 🤣

Everyone loves a good laugh, and social media isn't meant to always be serious. Share a funny meme or adapt a trending meme format to a topic your followers would find interesting.

Instructions 📖

Have a skill or perfected process you want to share? Make a "how to" video to help your followers learn as well!

Inspiration 🔥

Heard a story that inspired you? Have a quote that always motivates you? Share these with your followers and get them feeling energized and hopeful too.

Fun facts 🧠

Read something that surprised you? Share the story or statistic with your followers - bonus points if it's in infographic form!

AMAs 👯

Instead of responding to DM questions 1 by 1, host a live AMA via the comments section of a post or via a live video.

We hope these ideas have helped you remove your creator's block! 🧱


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