Influencer marketing that works

Know exactly how much each influencer is worth to your brand

Traditional engagement metrics are broken

Engagement quality — not just quantity — matters

3 comments ≠ 3 comments!

Beacons Advanced Engagement (BAE) metrics

We use advanced AI and natural language processing techniques to determine true engagement

Find real engagement

Most consumers will not convert. Let's find the ones who will.

Data-driven pricing

Deciding how much to pay used to be a shot in the dark. Not anymore.

Accelerate revenue growth

Highly scalable influencer marketing, without the risk.

Who we are.

We use data to fight for the little brands.

Neal Jean

Co-founder, CEO

Stanford PhD, Machine Learning

David Zeng

Co-founder, CTO

Stanford PhD, Machine Learning

Jesse Zhang

Co-founder, CSO

Stanford PhD, Machine Learning

You're in great company.

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I used to spend 80% of my day trying to find and price the right influencers but not anymore!

Xue Hui — CEO at Bisou Natural


Why is your demo free?

We aim to always provide 10x more value than our competitors — a core part of this goal is to provide free tools (that are still useful!) for brands and influencers who are just getting started.

How do I get started?

We're currently running limited pilots with pre-selected brands, but sign up for our waitlist and contact us to get in touch!

What kind of data do I need to provide?

Even without any data, our proprietary technology will improve your influencer marketing ROI, but our targeting and attribution algorithms will continue to improve as we collect more data.

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