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What is it?

Communicate directly to your true fans

Email is the one platform you can truly own. Take full control over your communication with fans and subscribers with our new email marketing tool made just for creators. It's the simple email solution you've been waiting for.

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How can you use it?
Send welcome emails
Create broadcasts
Set up drip campaigns
Own your subscriber list
Send newsletters
Promote products to grow sales
Send updates to fans
Send special offers
Engage your subscriber list with special offers, sales, and discount codes, sent straight to their inboxes.
Showcase new content
Tell your most engaged fans about your new content before anyone else. Send emails featuring your content with unique calls to action.
Create a welcome email
Instantly welcome your fans to your email list with an automatic email that is easy to set up.
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Why is email marketing important for creators?

Email allows you to communicate directly to your true fans, without the need to rely on a third party platform. You can promote events to sell out your shows, grow sales by promoting products and merchandise, engage fans with updates on your content and business, and build your brand with a newsletter of your latest ideas.

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