How to earn an income with Beacons

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff
Making your first dollar on the internet is a major milestone in a creator's journey. But it's challenging to know where and how to begin monetizing your fan base.

Fortunately, Beacons has you covered! We put together this list of 6 ways you can start monetizing without ever leaving the Beacons platform 🤑

Appointments Block 📅

Monetize your time! Add the "Appointments Block" to let fans book and pay for time with you. You can fully customize your service offerings, session lengths, and rates. Once your Appointments Block is live on your Beacons page, people can compensate you for your time on your terms in just a few clicks. Learn more how to monetize your time!

Requests Block 🤝

Let your fans submit and pay for requests from you! Whether it's a social media shoutout, video message, direct message, Q&A, TikTok duet, 1:1 session, feedback, coaching, or something else, you can add the "Requests Block" to your Beacons page to accept and get compensated for fulfilling requests from your fans. You can fully customize request type, description, and price. Whenever you receive a request, you have full agency over whether and how to fulfill it!

To encourage more fan request submissions, you can also add the "Requests Feed" block to your Beacons page. With the Requests Feed, you can showcase your 3 most recent request responses.

Support Block ❤️

With the Beacons "Support Block" you can receive money from fans who want to support you and your work. You can fully customize what forms of support you accept, whether it's having fans buy you a coffee, send you money directly, or purchase something else on your behalf. You can also set the unit price, description, and button text.

Store Block 🏪

Add the "Store Block" to your Beacons page to upload digital downloads such as eBooks or videos for your fans to purchase. The Store Block is the perfect way to make money in your sleep. Create the digital download once and sell it through the Store Block to as many fans as you'd like!

TikTok Shopping Block 🎁

Make money on TikTok! Beyond digital downloads, you can also sell physical products through Beacons. The "TikTok Shopping Block" lets you sell products through a shoppable TikTok feed. Just add your TikTok video links and drag and drop to rearrange these videos to start selling!

Marketplace Block 💸

Beyond selling your own products, you can also use Beacons to connect with brands to market their products on their behalf and receive affiliate commissions. Just add the "Marketplace Block" to get started.

After you've added the above blocks and are ready to start monetizing, you can let your fans know directly through Beacons! Head over to your profile icon, click "Audience," and find a full list of people who have submitted their contact information through your Beacons page. You can export your Audience and reach out to them directly to let them know about these new ways they can engage with you.

For more tips on how to grow and engage your fan base, check out the Beacons blog! We're excited to follow your journeys as you start monetizing your Beacons pages - share with us your favorite blocks, tips, and tricks on Twitter and Instagram 🚀

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