Your Audience Centralized

Curious who your superfans are? Looking for a way to keep track of people who have engaged with your content, products, or profile? We've built the perfect solution - meet Audience Dashboard!
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Audience Dashboard centralizes the people who have signed up for your community, subscribed to your content, or paid you in the past. In short, you can keep track of your most important supporters with one click in one place.

To check out Audience Dashboard, ❤️

  • Click on your profile in the top right
  • Click on "Audience" in the dropdown

Our mission at Beacons is to put creators back in control. A crucial first step is empowering creators with real time information on their audience at the individual level. 💪

With Audience Dashboard, your contact list is more accessible and actionable than ever. 📲

We're excited to continue building a suite of tools for you all to further activate your audiences! 🚀

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