Repurposing Content: 11 Tips How To Repurpose Your Influencer & Creator Content

Jessica Li
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Want to reach a bigger audience but feel pressed for time with what you’re already creating?

11 Ways to Repurpose Your Content as a Creator

Repurposing your content is one of the most efficient things you can do as a creator. It works for any social media or content-based platform, and it allows your high-quality, relatable content to do the work for you across platforms. Keep reading for eleven ways to repurpose your content.

What Is Content Repurposing?

Content repurposing isn’t just taking an old piece of content and making a slight tweak so it fits another social media platform. It’s thinking of how to best use the core of that content to reach as many people as possible. 

Your content should speak for itself no matter what changes you make in layout or wording. Repurposing also ensures you keep in touch with your audience so you can deliver content that’s engaging and relatable across platforms.

What Are the Benefits?

Repurposing content saves time. It allows you to take something you’ve already created and modify it so you don’t need to create entirely new content when you don’t necessarily have to. And it keeps your standards consistent. When you’re making quality, authentic content, it’s worth adapting and tweaking for multiple platforms. 

Repurposing also helps you target certain audiences using keywords and hashtags, which can give you an SEO boost and grow your audience. By adapting your content to different platforms, you’re automatically reaching out to more people than you would have by staying on one platform. As your influence grows, you’re more likely to become an authority in your field and connect with top creators. 

Here are eleven ways you can do just that.

1. Convert Listicles Into Individual Blogs

If you have popular content with multiple parts, expand it to increase traffic on your platform. Let’s say you have a film blog with a list of the best animated shows to watch. You’ve gotten a ton of clicks on this article, so why not expand it to give each show its own article? This way, you’re using the framework of what you’ve already created to generate more interest in a topic you know people care about. Consider timing the release of these individual pieces with important dates, like when the next season of a show is coming out. Whatever topic you’re working with, it’s important to take audience interest and optimal timing into account. 

You also have the opportunity to expand on things you touched on in the original listicle. This gives your readers an opportunity to learn more about the original content if they were previously engaged and already looking for more material. The opposite strategy works, too. Have a collection of articles you think would make a great post? Condense them and put all the links in one place so your audience knows where to go for more content.

2. Make a YouTube Video

YouTube is the ideal gateway for reaching new viewers. As a culture, we often prefer watching videos or other audio-based media over other means of communication. On many social media platforms, videos automatically start playing as you scroll past. The ones that grab your attention make it difficult to pull away. Videos can make your content more accessible for visually impaired followers, too. 

White woman sitting in front of her phone with heaphones and a microphone while recording. Purple and blue lights are in the background.

How-to content is particularly good to adapt from a written piece to a video. Seeing a product or demonstration of your skill convinces viewers of your credibility. It might take a lot more words to get across the same message! For example, let’s say you’re an Instagram artist looking to post videos of your drawing process on YouTube. Try compiling some of your most popular art into a YouTube Short and use that as a base to attract followers. Then you can build on that exposure to explain how you created those pieces in longer videos (which your audience will now be more likely to watch).

3. Create an Infographic

Like videos, infographics speak to our visually minded culture. If you’re a fashion influencer looking to point out the pros and cons of certain brands, an infographic can break that down and make your information more accessible to any audience. 

Viewers are much less likely to scroll past an infographic, even if they haven’t otherwise been engaged by the post yet. Using color and graphics strategically to catch their attention will make them pay more attention to the post itself. They’re also more likely to look at your other content if they find the infographic helpful, engaging, or relatable. Not a designer? Don’t worry. Tools like Canva, Piktochart, and Visually make it easy for anyone to make infographics, regardless of skill level.

4. Write an Ebook

Creating an ebook may seem overwhelming, but you’d be surprised at how many started off as compilations of high-quality blog posts or articles. Ebooks are a convenient way to compile the valuable information on your site in one place. They can attract new subscribers and create new revenue channels. They’re accessible no matter where you are and have helpful features like highlighting and note-taking that promote audience engagement. 

Take the time to make your ebook worth your audience’s investment. Add pictures, make the layout consistent and appealing, and give extra links or resources so your readers can investigate more on their own.

5. Tweak Old Posts

We talked about this a bit already with expanding or compressing listicles, but there are so many other ways to repurpose old posts. Try doing some research into current affairs involving your topic. Is a new season coming out for a show you’ve done cosplay for? Is a thought leader in your field writing a book that relates to your video essays? Once you’ve searched for new updates, tweak your old content to tie it in. 

A good way to decide what posts to tweak is to evaluate whether they’re evergreen content. Evergreen content is applicable and relatable no matter what year it’s read in. For example, posts about how to strengthen your relationships will never go out of style! Simple tweaks like using more SEO-friendly headlines or posting at optimal times for your audience help attract viewers too.

Woman sitting at a small table with coffee cup and her laptop open to a blog.

6. Make a Post on Quora

You’ve likely thought about posting on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but what about Quora? This social answers site makes it easy for you to answer a question and demonstrate your expertise so readers head back to your blog or social media for more. 

On Quora, you can post your content as replies to users’ questions. You can also have your own user blog where you post on relevant topics as you see fit. Either way, it’s a good opportunity to increase your online presence by interacting with the site’s audience. The opposite is also true. If you’ve posted on Quora and gotten a lot of interest, consider expanding what you did there into a series of articles or videos.

7. Use Your Social Media

Use your different platforms to grow your audience. If you have a YouTube video, put a snippet of it on your Instagram or TikTok to hook viewers into your channel. Beacons makes it super easy for your followers to find your other platforms. Our link in bio tool puts all your content in one place so your audience doesn’t have to look far to find more great material. 

Try reposting content from one platform to another. Repost old images or infographics to quickly catch your viewers’ attention, or try using a screenshot of a post from one platform against an aesthetic background on another platform. If you have content with quotes from thought leaders in your field, extract those quotes and post them on social media to bring attention back to your longer content.

8. Guest Post on Other Websites

If you have enough expertise on a topic, consider guest posting on another website. This is a great way to get your content in front of an audience you might not reach otherwise. It also secures more backlinks to your content and gives you more of an established presence online.  

Use your original post as the core. What can you expand on? If you have an article with multiple sections, take a new approach to each section so the content is original enough to be posted elsewhere but still reasonably leads back to your original post. Lend your expertise on fashion, baking, fitness, or another topic to other respected creators’ posts or videos. This demonstrates your character while pointing people toward your platforms for more high-quality content.

9. Start Podcasting

Podcasting makes your content accessible to a whole new spectrum of listeners. People might not have time or energy to read an article, but they’re far more likely to listen to podcasts while doing things like driving, cleaning, or working out. Podcasts let people choose when they want to tune in, and that convenience makes it likely they’ll come back for more if they’re hooked by the content itself. Podcasts also make your content more accessible to visually impaired individuals. 

Kick off your podcasts with your original content, and expand on it by conducting interviews or discussing big events in your field. A podcast can also be repurposed into a blog post and vice versa.

Woman with short hair and a man sitting in front of microphones making a podcast.

10. Transcribe Your Video Content

Have an old video you’re dying to update? Transcribe your video into a blog post, article, or several social media posts. Not only does a transcript make your content more accessible to a wider audience, but it also creates greater consistency between your platforms. Beacons is the perfect tool to maintain that consistency. Our free website builder lets you put all your links in one place so your audience has a one-stop place to go for content, merch, and interaction. 

For example, let’s say you’re reviewing the hottest fashion trends. Your videos get lots of views, but you’d love to pull in more social media influencers and grow your audience. Transcribe snippets of your videos and post them on social media, like Twitter or Instagram. Or take short snippets from your videos and make them the ideal length for TikTok. Either way, use what you have in video form to attract an audience from a different perspective, then lead them to your other platforms with your Beacons link in bio.

11. Write Follow-Ups 

Whatever your niche, there are always opportunities to repurpose content by following up. Paying attention to local, national, and international happenings can give you the right inspiration and timing for posting follow-ups to your content. 

If you have a popular post that’s been getting more attention recently, think about how you can make the most of that attention. What expert opinions can you draw from to add credibility to your posts? Don’t forget to ask your followers what they’d like to see more of. Posting some user-generated content is another great way to draw your audience in and get a better idea of what content is worth revisiting.

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