How To Go Viral On TikTok

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If you’re just starting to grow your TikTok following, you have every opportunity to create viral videos. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do to get your TikTok videos to go viral.

How to Make a TikTok Video Go Viral

If you think you can’t go viral on TikTok just because you don’t have a ton of followers, think again! Anyone’s videos can blow up on TikTok, but it doesn’t happen by accident. If you want to go viral, you’ll need to be intentional about creating content that resonates with millions of people worldwide. 

A Brief Overview

Going viral on TikTok means your videos are shared and liked by thousands of people (or more) on the platform. It also means people are sharing your videos on other platforms too, like Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook.

Generally, viral videos on TikTok get 1,000 to 2,000 views in less than an hour, regardless of whether they have a significant number of followers. If your video goes viral, TikTok will also feature it on the For You page, where it’s likely to gain even more traction among TikTokers.

Once you go viral on TikTok, you may also have access to opportunities you didn’t have before. For example, many people who go viral on TikTok go on to become brand ambassadors and influencers. So if earning money on TikTok is your goal, creating viral videos is a great way to get there.

How Does the Algorithm Work?

Much like Instagram and Facebook, TikTok’s algorithm works by recommending videos similar to the ones a user has previously engaged with. For instance, if you tend to like and comment on videos about animals, TikTok will show you more of them on your For You page feed.

Woman wearing pink workout clothes sitting on a pink yoga mat watching a video of a woman working out on TikTok.

Every video you create on TikTok has the potential to go viral. When you first publish it, TikTok will show it to a small, curated number of users. If it performs well among those users, TikTok may boost it so it’s shown to a much larger audience, where it could gain more likes and comments and go viral.

However, one thing TikTok doesn’t take into account is a user’s follower count or prior engagement numbers. As a result, you’re just as likely to see videos from popular influencers as you are from brand-new users.

Obviously, not every video you create will go viral, but you can still create content that’s primed to go viral by following the tips listed below.

1. Keep It Short

Not surprisingly, short videos perform better than long ones on TikTok. If your video is too long, you run the risk of people getting bored or losing interest before they make it to the end. Remember, TikTok is a highly scrollable platform that encourages people to browse quickly and easily. So you want your videos to fit that vibe. Plus, people are much more likely to rewatch short videos that pique their interest.

TikTok limits its users to creating videos that are either 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 3 minutes long. Feel free to fill up the entire 3 minutes you’re allowed, but always make the most of your time spent on camera! TikTok’s time limits for videos almost force you to be more creative, so this actually works in your favor. Depending on your personal or professional brand, 15-second or 3-minute videos may work better. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you.

2. Cross-Promote on Social Media

TikTok’s popularity has blown up in recent years. And not surprisingly, social media users on all platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube, are now following the trend of creating short and snappy videos that resonate with other users. As a result, one of the best ways to increase your reach is to cross-promote your video content on other social media channels. Not only will this get your content in front of more social media users, but it will also improve your chances of going viral.

3. Pay Attention to the Latest Trends

TikTok is incredibly trend-driven, and although the trends only last for a few days, they are king for those days, driving the viewing habits of millions of users worldwide. If you want to get your content in front of more users, you’ll need to watch for the latest trends and hop on the bandwagon quickly before they lose traction. For example, there might be trending audio or a dance that everyone is doing. Take these trends and apply them to your own videos. Of course, you’ll want to add your own creative spin to them, but their familiarity will empower you to create relevant and timely content that resonates with more people.

To find current trends, just hop on your For You page and watch for things that are popular. Whether it’s a specific song, video text, or a general theme, take note of any repeating patterns and create your own content using them to enhance your chances of going viral. If you stay on top of the trends, you’re much more likely to gain the attention of TikTok users and score a viral video.

4. Incorporate Hashtags

Hashtags are so important if you want your content to go viral. Including hashtags in your video description will help TikTok make sure that the video gets in front of the right viewers. For instance, if you create a video about how to make your own version of your favorite Starbucks drink, use a hashtag like #DIY to boost its performance. Likewise, if you create a video featuring trendy ways to wear popular clothing items, use #fashion. If your video features a popular TikTok challenge, include #tiktokchallenge in your video description. This simple and easy step will do wonders to ensure your video stands out from the crowd.

Not sure which hashtags to use? Find trending hashtags using the Discover tab. Here, you can see which hashtags are used most often and what types of content creators are using them.

5. Engage Your Viewers

To go viral on TikTok, it’s not enough to just post videos and leave them there. Instead, you’ll need to intentionally interact with your viewers by responding to comments on your videos, writing engaging video captions, and using the Duet and Stitch features to encourage other content creators to collaborate with you.

The more you interact with the community on TikTok, the more its algorithm will reward you for it. Ask your followers to share their opinions in the comments, encourage people to make their own response videos, and focus on creating content that others will want to share and interact with. You can even collaborate with other content creators and boost your profile that way. Start small at first by liking and commenting on their videos. Then, once you establish a relationship, ask about collaborating.

6. Duet Popular Content

By leveraging TikTok’s Duet feature, you can create side-by-side videos that allow you to respond to other peoples’ content and increase your content engagement. When you create a Duet, the original video is placed on the right side of the screen and your video is on the left. Both videos play at the same time so you can follow along with the original video in yours. You can also enable the feature option on your content to encourage others to reply to your videos.

You can Duet popular content in several different ways to boost your video’s likes, views, and comments. For instance, you can record your reaction to a popular video, or you can show a before and after. Alternatively, you can even Duet your own video by showing viewers what it looked like behind the scenes from your perspective. These are all fantastic ways to use TikTok’s Duet feature.

Two young asian women doing a choreographed dance while a phone records them on a tripod.

7. Use Trending Audio

Trending audio can be a particular song, an audio clip from a movie or show, or just a mixture of sounds that have gained popularity among TikTokers. Using trending audio is a great way to garner attention from new followers because it’s familiar and engaging. Better yet, there are countless ways to put your own spin on a video featuring a trending audio clip.

The best way to discover trending audio on TikTok is to explore your For You feed and pay attention to any recurring audio you hear. If you’re hearing the same song or audio clip on several different videos while you scroll, chances are it’s trending. Just be sure to use that audio to create your own content right away, because trends change very quickly on TikTok, and before you know it, people will be sick of the trending audio you’re using!

8. Add a CTA

Going viral on TikTok is an exciting achievement that can lead to plenty of great opportunities to grow your brand or business. But having one video go viral isn’t a guarantee that others will too. One of the best ways to keep viewers coming back to your page is to add strong calls to action, or CTAs, to your video descriptions that encourage them to check out your upcoming videos.

Depending on the type of video content you create, adding an enticing CTA could be as simple as writing something like, “Follow me for more life-changing financial tips,” or “Follow me for more easy and effective workout routines.” Simple phrases like this will signal to your viewers that you’re a reliable source of useful information.

9. Consistently Post

TikTok’s algorithm favors users who bring lots of traffic to the site. That means the more content you create, the better off you’ll be! Although you don’t have to publish new content several times a day, it’s ideal if you want to grow your following quickly. In fact, social media experts recommend posting one to three times per day — or even more if you can manage it! At minimum, you should post once a day.

If you’re just starting to establish a following on TikTok, create a publishing schedule that you can stick to. That way, you have an organized method for posting and you don’t just disappear for days on end, leaving your followers wondering what happened. Whether you post once a day or three times a day, staying consistent is critical, because it ensures that your followers know what to expect from you.

10. Timing Is Everything!

Timing your posts on TikTok is very important, as it can play a role in how many people see your videos on the For You feed. The best times to post new video content on TikTok will vary depending on your audience. For instance, if the majority of your followers are located in a different country, you’ll want to tailor your posting times to when they’ll be most likely to watch. Consider what their schedule might look like. If most of your followers are professionals, what time are they likely to wake up, work, break for lunch, and come home in the evening?

Getting the timing right can take some time and experimentation, but it’s worth the effort to figure it out. Don’t be afraid to switch things up if you need to. Publish your posts at different times and pay attention to which ones perform best. Get to know your audience, their habits, and the timing that works well for them. Once you get the right schedule down, your views and engagement are likely to improve.

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