How To Use TikTok: Tips To Capitalize on TikTok Trends

Jessica Li
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Whether you’re looking for inspiration or you want to learn more about how to identify emerging TikTok trends, here’s what you need to know about the latest TikTok trends in 2022.

Current TikTok Trends in 2022

TikTok trends change quickly, and keeping up with them can seem like an impossible feat. Regardless, keeping up with the latest trends can help you grow your business or personal account, so it’s important to stay on top of it.

How to Leverage the Latest Trending TikToks for Your Account

Although it’s ideal to be genuine and create your own unique content for your account, it’s also beneficial to hop on the bandwagon and join the current trends. Why? Because people are familiar with them! Certain types of videos, sounds, or music are instantly recognizable to TikTok users, and because of that, your content will automatically resonate with them. And as a result, you could end up with more money in your pocket.

Getting started is the hardest part, but there are plenty of trends you can take part in no matter what type of personal account or business account you have on TikTok. First, look for trends that are based on current events — for example, the infamous Will Smith slap at the Oscars or halftime show blunders at the Super Bowl.

You can also browse the Discovery page to find out what’s currently trending, although these trends are typically already oversaturated and are likely to only last for a few days before people start getting tired of them. So you’ll have to be quick about creating your own content! If you spot any repetitive actions, video text, music, or other features as you browse, these could indicate an up-and-coming trend.

So, instead of dismissing the idea of using trending content to grow your brand or personal account, embrace it! Learn how to put your own spin on some of these top TikTok trends for 2022. Make them your own and connect with your audience in a fun and personable way. Leveraging these trends will help you blend into your followers’ feeds and capture their attention.

Two Asian people dancing in front of a cellphone on a tripod.

Start Dancing!

TikTok is well known for its talented dancers and creative dance moves, but you don’t have to be a pro to capture your followers’ attention with a dancing video. Hopping on this trend is as simple as learning the moves and adding your own flair to it. For example, if you own a cookie shop, dance while you indulge. Or if you’re a parent, invite your kids to do the dance with you. Better yet, wear something completely ridiculous to show off your moves. However you make the dance your own, just be sure to have fun and leave a lasting impression! That’s how you’ll keep followers coming back for more in the future.

If you’re not sure which dances are trending, scroll through TikTok by tapping Discover to see what other TikTokers are up to. Learning popular dances may be easier than you think, and there are often tutorials out there if you search for them.

Keep It Funny and Lighthearted

TikTok is geared toward the under-30 crowd, and they tend to love funny videos, especially edgy ones. Deadpan, self-deprecating humor is the way to go on TikTok, but don’t get so stressed out about nailing the humor that you forget to have fun. Your audience will like your videos more if they see that you’re having fun making them, so enjoy the process. Just remember to be yourself and keep it lighthearted. The more authentic your funny videos are, the better!

If you’re not sure which topics to poke fun at in your videos, consider relatable struggles that everyone has, such as being motivated to get your life together, resisting the urge to eat fast food after spending $200 on groceries, finding normal people to date, or adjusting to parenthood.

Practice Your Transitions

With TikTok’s video editing tool, you can easily switch from one video clip to another, opening up a variety of fun ways to recreate trending videos. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process, either. Sometimes it’s as easy as leaving your camera in the same spot and shooting two videos with the same lighting. Most trending transition videos also have tutorials, so you can easily learn how to do them yourself. And if you can create a seamless transition video that looks like magic, your followers will have a really hard time looking away! In fact, they’ll likely watch your video more than once, which is what you want.

Be Open, Transparent, and Honest

It should be no surprise that most social media content is heavily edited. From unrealistic “makeup-free” pictures to catfish video filters that make users look like someone else entirely, it can be hard to find accounts that are genuine and real. If you feel this way, you’re not alone! All the editing and filters are getting old, and people are starting to seek out more real content instead, which means there’s a big opportunity for you to connect with followers on TikTok.

Whether you have a business account or a personal account on TikTok, your followers will reward you for creating real content and being open and honest with them. Sometimes, getting vulnerable on TikTok might mean sharing a difficult journey or a challenging real-life story. However you choose to get vulnerable, be your authentic, real self, and others will take notice. Getting honest is a great way to create content that resonates with people, and it will also help your followers relate to you in a way that’s more personal and genuine.

Show a Day in the Life

Although your daily routine may seem like nothing special to you, you might be surprised to find how many people are curious to know more about it! Whether you’re a teacher, a blogger, or a stay-at-home parent, making day-in-the-life videos is a great way to invite your TikTok followers into your world and show them what you do every day. For example, consider sharing your morning routine or your method for cleaning your home, or give them a peek at what it looks like to make your company’s products. Whether you’re a professional, a student, a parent, or something else, there’s almost always a way to incorporate these types of videos into your content strategy on TikTok.

Asian woman sitting on her bedroom floor with luggage while filing herself on her phone.

Day-in-the-life videos are especially great if you tend to get a lot of questions in your comments. Not sure what to make a video of? Refer back to those questions and answer them! Your followers will be more engaged and are likely to continue asking you questions that you can answer with day-in-the-life videos.

Don’t Take It Seriously

You don’t have to be a professional videographer to create great content on TikTok. It just needs to be relatable, trendy, and genuine to capture the attention of your followers. Of course, you’ll want to use a high-quality camera and good lighting to make your videos more engaging, but that’s really all you need to find success with TikTok videos. Other than that, just take the time to learn how to use all features provided through the video editing tool, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your content to find what works best for you.

Show Off Your Glow Ups

A glow up on TikTok is essentially a before and after video showcasing someone as a younger, less confident version of themselves followed by a stunning and confident photo or video of themselves now. These types of videos tend to generate a lot of positive feedback. They’re also great for getting viewers to stick around till the end of the video, because obviously, they want to see the final image! 

However, a glow up doesn’t have to feature your own personal transformation. Depending on your brand or business, this type of video could also feature other things, like a before and after of an art project, your family, a home renovation, a product you make, or the growth of your small business.

Home in on a Niche or Subculture

TikTok subcultures and niches cater to a certain group of users who are looking for a specific type of content. Subcultures range widely in topic, from gametok and gymtok to dadtok and more, providing endless possibilities for your content creation. 

To find a niche, ask yourself what you’re into and what type of content you would enjoy creating. Obviously, you should also consider how it will impact your business or personal brand if your goal is to earn money through TikTok videos. From there, you can search for keywords like momtok or runningtok, or simply scroll through the app and like and comment on content that you enjoy. Doing so will ensure your For You page shows you the type of content you want to see and replicate with your own videos.

Young man sitting in front of a phone and microphone with headphones on recording himself speaking.

Entertaining Educational Videos

TikTok also has a surprising amount of educational content that’s great for all ages. For example, if you tap Discover at the bottom of your screen, you can search for educational videos with the hashtag #learnontiktok. You’re likely to find tons of videos of teachers offering fun mini lessons, animal experts teaching about various types of animals, cool how-to science experiment videos, and so much more.

Whatever your career or passions, you can always find a way to create entertaining educational videos that TikTok users will enjoy and find useful.

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