The World of Influencing 101 - With Kelly Youjin Kim!

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff
Beacons is hosting its first ever creator-to-creator webinar event with popular fashion and lifestyle influencer, Kelly Kim, AKA Youjin유진 on Youtube!

Join us via Zoom on December 3rd, 2021 at 3 PM PST to learn about how Kelly built, grew, and monetized her Youtube audience of 478k+ subscribers and Instagram platform of 86k+ followers...and how you can, too. From securing brand deals to finding work-life balance, Kelly will present her best tips for creators and open the floor for live Q&A during the event. To register, click HERE!

About Kelly:

Kelly (Youjin유진 on Youtube) is a 20-year-old influencer from a small town in Alabama, currently attending college in Southern California.

What began as a digital diary of her everyday life has blossomed into a platform of  478k+ Youtube subscribers and 86k+ Instagram followers.

Connecting with people around the world through content creation encourages her to continue sharing her life online, discussing everything from her growing pains and mental health to food and fashion.

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