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Neal Jean
Co-founder CEO, Beacons
Creators receive questions and requests from fans all the time. You can use Beacons to get paid while taking all kinds of commissions from visitors.

Creators receive questions and requests from fans all the time. You can use Beacons to get paid while taking all kinds of commissions from visitors, for example:

  • Making personalized shoutout videos
  • Drawing a custom picture
  • Answering a question about your creative process
  • Giving feedback on someone's workout form

In addition to videos, we let you submit images, pdfs, audio files, etc as responses. This post will cover what the whole process looks like from both the creator and fan perspectives!

Set up your request form

Sign in and go to the Requests tab. Connect your Stripe account if you haven't already. Turn your form on and explain the types of commissions you're taking.

You can add multiple options just by hitting "Add Item."

Visitors can now submit requests to you

When visitors come to your Beacons page, they'll be able to see a commission form.

When submitting requests, visitors can also add an image or video, which often helps clarify requests and makes the interaction feel more personal.

The visitor will also need to fill out their name, email address, and credit card information. Additionally, they can choose to make their request private, which means that your response will not be featured on your profile page – more on this later.

Responding to commissions

After the request is processed, you'll receive an email.

Clicking on the "Click to respond" button will take you to a page where you'll be able to easily upload or record a response.

Finishing up

After your response is processed, the requester's credit card charge will be captured, and part of the charge will automatically be transferred to your Stripe Account. If the request was not set to private, then it will be featured in the Community section of your page.


Can requests be free?

Yes! Just set the price to $0. Free responses cannot be private.

How long do I have to respond?

7 days before the credit card charge expires. We'll send you a reminder for outstanding requests in your weekly update email.

How does the fan get my response?

We'll send the requester their their download link to the email they submitted after your response is processed.

How do I make sure that I don't get inappropriate requests?

During request processing, we make sure the submitted request is appropriate. This may take up to a few hours.

As a fan, how do I know that the response is appropriate?

During response processing, we make sure the submitted response is appropriate, which may also take up to a few hours.

When does the requester's credit card get charged?

The visitor's credit card will not be charged until after your response is processed.

What are some best practices for personalized video shoutouts?

🆓 Make it easy for your fans to start engaging with you! Start by setting your price to $0 and making a couple videos for free.

🎓 This engages your audience and shows them how it works, while getting some videos on your page. This initial content will give people more ideas.

🎨 Personalize your request form - make videos that make sense for you! You know your audience better than anyone 🤙

How much goes to the creator?

You can use the calculator below to figure out how much you'd make for videos of different prices. Beacons takes a 10% cut after processing fees.

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