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Jesse Zhang
Chief Product officer
You've set everything up, and now you have all your links conveniently on your Beacons page. But how do you drive more clicks to your links?

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You've set everything up, and now you have all your links conveniently on your Beacons page. But how do you drive more clicks to your links?

What makes links get more clicks?

We analyzed over 15,000 links to shed some light on the question: "What makes links get more clicks"? Here's what we found:

tl;dr: Get more clicks on your links by giving them animations and icons, placing them near the top of your page, and being careful about adding too many links to your page. Also, make sure they are clearly visible against your background.

We also have a short guide on all the neat things you can do with your links here.

1. Add animation

On average, animated links have a 7% higher click-through rate than non-animated links, making the rates of links with animation over twice as much as the ones without. Animating certain links can make them much more eye-catching for your visitors, as it pops out right when your page loads. Find which animation suits you!

2. Order matters

The first links that visitors see are the ones near the top, so take advantage of that! We noticed that amongst all the links of each user, the first link on average has a higher click-through rate than the others. The further down a user places a link, the lower its average click-through rate is. Even when it's not animated; the first link on average has the highest click-through rate. Remember that if a link is easily accessible, then it can be easily clicked!

3. Add icons

Links with icons have a have a 27% higher click rate than links without. Icons are a great way to make your Beacons links stand out more as your own, adding more visual insight into your work and personality.

4. Quality over quantity

At face value, shouldn't having more links mean more clicks overall? Not necessarily. Too many links can actually be overwhelming and can spread the amount of clicks amongst all your links thinner. Looking at a sample of about 3,000 users, we recommend having a total of 7 or less to have the best overall click-through rate for your page. Beyond that, while your total clicks can still potentially rise, the clicks on an individual link may start to decrease. Visitors can get better access to your links if they appear right as the page loads. It's harder for a link to get more clicks if people constantly have to scroll to it!

5. Make them easy to read

The colors and transparency of your links matter too. Make sure your links pop out and are easy to read. You don't want to unintentionally have your link titles blend into the background and hide from your visitors!

Were these tips helpful? Was there anything else you were wondering about? Let me know your thoughts at [email protected].

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