How To Write the Perfect Pitch Email

Jessica Li
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Keep reading for tips on how to write the perfect pitch email.

Tips for Writing The Perfect Pitch Email

If you’re looking for ways to monetize your content or reach out to your favorite influencer, try the cold pitch strategy. It can be scary and a little uncomfortable, but reaching out and getting a response is worth it! A well-written pitch email makes people aware of your high-quality product or content.

What Is a Cold Pitch?

A cold pitch is when you email someone, usually a potential client or customer, unprompted. You can use it for actively marketing a product or service (including yourself and your skills) to someone who hasn’t asked to work with you.

Cold pitches are useful no matter what field you’re in or social media platform you’re on. If you want to work with someone but they haven’t reached out to you first, cold pitches can help establish that connection.

When to Use It

There are a variety of situations when it’s appropriate to send a cold pitch. 

Are you looking to: 

  • Connect with potential customers?
  • Introduce yourself to a person or company?
  • Help a brand work on a marketing campaign or something they want to improve?
  • Build a relationship based on commonality?
  • Follow up with people who’ve expressed interest?

If your goal is to do one of these things or something similar, it might be the right time for you to use a cold pitch. It can feel awkward to reach out to people you haven’t met, but it can open you up to opportunities you wouldn’t get if you hadn’t taken that first step. This could be how you connect with that brand or influencer you’ve been eyeing! Above all, be yourself and be honest about your product or content. 

Here are some tips on how to write the perfect pitch email.

Have an Interesting Subject Line

Influencers and other top names at companies receive hundreds of emails or messages a day. To make yourself stand out, you need a good subject line that’s short and catches people’s attention. Be creative, but don’t exaggerate about yourself, your skills, or your product. Focus on building a positive impression from the subject line alone.

Your subject line should be about three to five words. Use words that will appeal to your recipient and get them to open that email. Are there trends, issues, or current events going on in your field? See if you can organically work that into your subject line to demonstrate your knowledge in your field.

Create a Human Connection

If you haven’t connected previously with the person or company you’re reaching out to, this can seem tricky. But using your words alone, you can still be friendly and thoughtful and establish the exact connection you want — one that will make the email recipient more likely to follow up. Whether you’ve met the person or not, show that you’ve done your research. Make sure you’re informed about their company and products as well as their stance on trends or issues in your area. Then you can tailor your email to explain how you’re able to benefit or connect with them in these areas.

If you’ve messaged or met the person before, it’s a good idea to refer to that initial connection. Remind them how you met at a conference or event or how you connected over something in one of their previous posts. By establishing this human connection, you’re putting your best foot forward and drawing the recipient of your email in. Don’t underestimate the value of being polite and intentional when it comes to sending that pitch.

Make It Personal and Relevant

Influencers, company leads, and other people you’re looking to connect with are busy. By immediately making it clear how you or your product will benefit them, you’re more likely to earn their attention and a follow-up email.

This is where research comes in handy again. Let’s say you’ve seen a company talk multiple times about something they’d like to address. You happen to have the tools or connections to do that, and you decide to reach out. In your pitch, let them see how you’ve been keeping up with their interests and goals by mentioning that issue. Briefly talk about why you’re the ideal person for this over your competitors. Keep it focused on how people will benefit from connecting to you or your brand. By focusing on how you can benefit others, you make yourself more marketable to the recipient of your email.

Keep It Brief But Interesting

Both appearance and content matter when you’re pitching someone. Keep your paragraphs short so they’re easily readable. Adding subtle color, graphics, or other interactive media helps draw your reader in, too. Are you pitching a product or design? Include links or pictures so people can see the quality of what you’re pitching for themselves. This builds trust with your customers since they can see you’re being transparent about what you’re pitching.

Pitch emails aren’t the place for the entire history of whatever you’re pitching. Mention the most important points and how those apply to your customer. Let your product’s relevance speak for itself by explaining what problems it solves. Including data, customer testimonials, or other reviews that back up your claims strengthens your credibility and makes your reader more interested.

Have a Call to Action

No pitch email is complete without a call to action. Just like any social media post, people want to know what to do if they’re interested in connecting with you. Close your pitch with a request for a call or meeting, or end with a link to your product, website, or another relevant page. End on a note that leaves a positive impression. Make it easy for them to connect so they don’t lose interest because the next steps aren’t clear.

Follow Up

Didn’t get a response to your pitch? Don’t be afraid to follow up! Write a short paragraph about how you contacted them recently and think you’d be a great fit for them. Politely ask if it would be possible to talk more about what you’re pitching. Even without a response, following up is an acceptable and expected step to take.

If you did get a response to your pitch, capitalize on that. Reassure the person you’re the right fit for their needs and offer to answer any questions they might have. Keep that human connection going, and let the quality of your products speak for itself.

Cold Pitch Examples

Ready to write your cold pitch? Take a look at the examples below. 

  1. A BookTuber named Hannah follows a literary agent on Instagram who wants to work with influential YouTubers. Hannah’s developing a product based on her videos and decides to connect with the agent. 

Hi [Agent Name],

I noticed you’re interested in collaborating with BookTubers, and I would love to connect with you. I have [X] subscribers and many videos on [topics that fit with the agent’s interests or preferences]. Currently, I’m working on [Project Name] that fits with your interests and is exactly what you’re looking for. 

My [Project Name] would provide you with a whole new audience on YouTube. In it, I cover:

  • [several bullets on topics of interest to the agent] 
  • [keep them concise and relevant]

I’d love to provide a sample chapter if you’re interested. I’ve included my link in bio below so you can easily access my YouTube content and other social media. 



  1. A cosplayer named Leo meets a fashion influencer at a festival and decides to reach out afterward. He wants to see if the influencer could promote him and his work since they have similar interests. 

Hi [Influencer Name],

It was great to meet you at [X Festival]! I really enjoyed talking with you about [something relevant to what they discussed]. You mentioned that you’d like to work with other creators, especially on [your upcoming project], and I think I’d be the perfect fit. 

As a cosplayer, I’ve worked on [relevant projects] and developed my skills in [relevant areas]. I’ve worked with [names the influencer would recognize and appreciate] on multiple occasions to great success. [Mention awards or other connections that occurred as a result of this work.] 

I think we’d be a great match to collaborate on your [Project Name]. I’ve included a link below to my portfolio so you can see examples of my past work. Please email me at [email address] if you’d like to talk about this more. 



Follow-Up Emails

What about follow-up emails? Whether you’ve gotten a response or not, following up is just as important as sending that initial pitch. 

  1. A TikTok fitness star named Bridget emails a company she wants to get in touch with about the resistance bands she is developing. She didn’t get a response so she follows up later. 

Hi [Representative Name], 

I recently emailed you about [Product Name], my new resistance bands that appeal to Pilates fans everywhere. Because of your focus on effective but low-impact exercise, I think my product would be a great fit for your business. 

If possible, can you put me in touch with [title or name for person she needs to reach at the company]? I would love to discuss this more. 

Thank you!



  1. This time, Bridget gets a response back to her original email and follows up to keep the connection going. 

Hi [Representative Name], 

Thank you so much for your interest in my new resistance bands. I’ve already received positive feedback from customers and know this product would be a perfect fit for your brand. I’ve included a link below so you can see a few of our rave reviews! 

Do you have any additional questions? I would love to set up a meeting to further discuss partnering with you. 

Thank you!


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