How To Get Famous on TikTok

With TikTok reaching nearly 700 million users in 2021, it's a good time to be TikTok famous.
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The possibilities of monetizing on TikTok these days are reaching Instagram monetization levels. If you haven't already established yourself on the platform, getting started can seem daunting.

However, despite how many existing successful creators TikTok has, there is always room for more - and you could be the next most-talked-about influencer.

While achieving TikTok fame takes time and effort, becoming successful is quite possible if you follow the same principles that established influencers do. Here are some ways to get famous on one of the most relevant social media platforms today.

14 tips to achieve TikTok fame

There's no golden ticket to achieving TikTok fame, and the strategies that work for some creators may be less effective for others. How TikTok's algorithm works is a secret. However, the general best practices for getting famous on TikTok remain the same.

We've put together a list of TikTok tips that established TikTok influencers use, and you can take your pick depending on which ones resonate best with you. Good luck!

1. Post high-quality content consistently

Generating a continuous stream of high-quality content is vital because it helps grow your personal brand consistently, and in more than one way. To build a following and foster user engagement, you need to provide TikTok's user base with real value that they can benefit from. These benefits could be as simple as entertainment value (like a lip-syncing video), or more advanced content that offers training or advice.

Consistently posting quality video content also widens your reach and increases your social shares. If your audience finds the content valuable, they are more likely to share it with their friends and contribute to your TikTok's organic growth. Knowing the best times to post on TikTok also helps drive engagement and grows your following.

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2. Find a niche

If your content lacks focus and your target audience is undefined, growing your personal brand sustainably becomes difficult, if not impossible altogether. Finding a niche helps TikTok content creators tailor their growth efforts and become TikTok famous.

For example, if you're a comedian, you can create skits focused on relatable issues which can drive engagement and shares. A makeup artist could post beauty tutorials and show tricks for getting the perfect look.

You can identify your target audience by defining which TikTok followers are interested in the niche and proceed to share relevant, valuable content that they'll appreciate.

3. Identify & use popular hashtags (don't overly rely on #fyp)

While landing content on TikTok's "For You" page is every content creator's dream, don't rely on the #fyp hashtag to the point where it dominates your growth strategy. Reaching the "For You" page depends on many factors outside of your control.

Thus, by identifying popular, niche-specific tags, you can create tailored content and take more control over your influencer marketing strategy. Creators use hashtags to help their target audience find their TikTok profile, but you need high-quality content to maintain their interest.

4. Stay on top of current events

Keeping up to date with current events provides you with more opportunities to engage your audience. You can put your own spin on trending topics and produce tailored content on subjects that already have your audience's attention. Since your followers are already looking for specific content, you're in a solid position to capture their interest and convert them to followers.

5. Make some meme videos (if relevant to your niche)

Why do short clips of fascinating gymnastic feats or people throwing gadgets in a blender get so many shares? Answer: rich entertainment value.

While producing valuable, high-quality content is vital, it's not a bad idea to loosen up a little and make niche-relevant meme TikTok videos. Meme and comedy videos get a lot of user engagement and shares, so you can use them to expand your reach and give your audience a laugh.

6. Engage with followers (aka reply to their comments)

Replying to your followers shows how much you value them, and encourages them to keep engaging with your content in the future. Building a following is important, but cultivating a loyal fanbase is how you become famous and establish a lasting personal brand.

Loyal fans are the ones that get you the most social shares, engage with your content the most, give you suggestions about what to post, and are more inclined to buy from you. They're your best friends on the platform - so make sure they know it!

7. Use a link in bio tool to promote your TikTok on other social platforms

You can use link-in-bio tools to drive traffic from other social media platforms to your TikTok account. We recommend Beacons because the mobile site builder lets you design beautiful mobile pages and organize all your top-performing original content in one place.

8. Join social media trends

TikTok is full of fresh trends and challenges that pop up frequently. By joining in on the trends, you can get your content in front of audiences and increase your brand visibility. Some challenges may seem completely unrelated to your niche, but those trends present a great opportunity to get creative and put your own spin on things.

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9. Start your own trend

Can't find a TikTok trend that resonates with you? Start your own! If you get creative and come up with something to excite your following, you might just end up with the next viral trend.

10. Be authentic to your brand

To build a lasting, reputable brand, you need to earn your follower's trust and loyalty. Being authentic to your brand involves being transparent with your followers, taking their feedback, and being honest with them.

11. Accept that not every viewer will be a fan

The internet is full of people from diverse backgrounds, with different opinions, viewpoints, and expectations. So naturally, this means that not every TikTok user that comes across your content will be a fan - and that's perfectly alright. They aren't your target audience.

At times, you might even receive backlash or unpleasant comments from some viewers. In instances like this, stay focused and remind yourself of your loyal followers - they're the viewers that matter to your brand.

12. Collaborate with verified TikTokers

What better way to build trust with your target audience than to receive a stamp of approval from a trusted TikTok influencer? Creators have to meet a range of strict requirements to qualify for TikTok verification, getting the blue checkmark on TikTok is more valuable than it is on other social media platforms. Working with verified TikToker indicates your trustworthiness to your target audience, increases your reach and grows your following.

13. Work with brands

Brands with established TikTok accounts are on the platform for similar reasons you are - to reach their target audience, engage with them, and expand their visibility. Influencers help brands establish social proof and drive sales. Even if you're new to TikTok, you can work with brands and provide them with valuable content to increase your own visibility.

14. Participate in hashtag challenges

Brands pay a hefty fee to start hashtag challenges on TikTok. When the challenges are going on, it's a good time to participate because both brands and your audience are following the hashtags. It's the perfect time to boost your visibility on the platform.

The benefits of being famous on social media

Once you become famous and verified on TikTok, the opportunities for growth are basically endless. Once you get brands wanting to work with you, you can open up new revenue streams and grow your personal brand across many different platforms.

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Get access to the TikTok Creator's Fund

TikTok's Creator Fund is an initiative taken by the platform to reward creators for contributing to the platform. The social media giant allocated £231 million to the fund, to be spent over the course of 3 years.

To access the creator's fund, your content needs to meet a range of criteria, so earnings fluctuate. Additionally, the eligibility requirements are:

  • You must be 18+
  • You need a minimum of 10k followers
  • Must have accumulated a minimum of 100k video viewers over the last 30 days.
  • Your profile must comply with TikTok's requirements and community guidelines.
  • You must be based in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy.

Get more sponsorship opportunities

Looking to make some serious money? Enter sponsorship deals.

Sponsorship deals benefit both TikTok influencers and brands - companies gain brand awareness and increased sales, and creators can reap the rewards of their long-term efforts. Brands generally have their own set requirements for the type of promotional content they expect - you might be asked to try a product out and showcase its features in a video clip.

Grow your following on other platforms

Reached the goal of achieving TikTok fame? Great! Now you can drive traffic from your TikTok to other platforms. Driving traffic to external platforms is especially useful if you're a creator looking to sell merchandise, courses, or products in general.

You can use a link in bio tool like Beacons to seamlessly direct traffic to multiple platforms, or to sell products directly from your TikTok bio.

Make more money

Needless to say, TikTok fame is followed by a massive increase in earning potential, and you can make some serious money. You can benefit from multiple revenue streams, including sponsored advertising deals, affiliate relationships, selling merchandise, providing coaching, and more.

Frequently asked questions

​TikTok fame can be confusing. Here are some of the most common questions and answers about being TikTok famous.

How do you get popular?

Getting popular on TikTok can take time, unless you're lucky enough to go viral early on. Generally, achieving TikTok effort requires time, strategy, effort, and dedication. You need to identify your target audience, create engaging content, and explore outreach initiatives to grow a solid following.

Is it easy to get TikTok famous?

If it were easy to get TikTok famous, everyone on the platform would be well-known. The truth is, achieving TikTok fame isn't easy, but it's quite achievable all the same. You just need to follow the practices and commit to growing a following on the platform.

How do you get noticed?

TikTok's algorithm picks up content with high potential and displays it on the "For You" page which can skyrocket your visibility and grow your following faster. However, reaching the For You page depends on many factors outside your control. You can increase your visibility by working with brands, collaborating with verified users, participating in trends and challenges, and creating viral-worthy content.

How do you get famous overnight?

Unless you're super lucky and go viral immediately, you can't get TikTok famous overnight. However, you can get TikTok famous eventually by creating high-quality content and growing your following.

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Become an established creator

Getting famous on TikTok is no piece of cake, but who doesn't love a challenge? The platform's creator fund is a strong indicator of all the potential TikTok has. If you're already an established creator on a different platform or are looking to launch your influencer career, TikTok is the place to be right now.
After putting the effort in, and finally achieving TikTok fame, you can enjoy the benefits that your newfound success offers. Sponsorship deals with leading brands in your niche, long-term affiliate relationships, and the chance to share your knowledge by coaching your biggest super fans are just some ways to monetize your personal brand.

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