How much money do YouTubers really make?

Neal Jean
Co-founder CEO, Beacons
Wouldn't we all like to know... 🤔

This data would be extremely helpful for anyone who is trying to or thinking about making content for YouTube, but it's notoriously hard to find. So we went out to collect some hard data on our own 👷‍♂️

Most of the data here is collected from YouTube videos where creators shared how much they had made for certain videos, time periods, etc. — shoutout to them for generously sharing what they've learned 🙌

This isn't 100% accurate, but should give a rough idea of how much creators of different sizes and in different categories make from AdSense revenue.

Average eCPM: $3.91. This is the revenue that goes to the creator for every thousand views.|

A couple takeaways from the data:

* eCPM doesn't seem to be strongly correlated with number of subscribers

* eCPM varies quite widely from creator to creator, and anecdotally also from video to video

* Educational content might generate more revenue per view, but we'll see if that holds up with more data

If you're a YouTube creator and want to bring more transparency to YouTube monetization, submit your own data by filling out the survey below!

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