Custom Themes

Feeling like your Beacons page needs a refresh? Looking for a way to make your Beacons page more "you"? We just launched a brand new theme chooser with some truly awesome themes for you to choose from!
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We've carefully designed a brand new set of trendy themes architected to help you better engage and convert your audience. 🤑

Whether you're a fashion influencer looking for something chic and classy, a musician looking for something to hype up your audience, or a tech guru looking for a sleek, modern design - we have something for everyone.

Head over to your appearance tab and click on "See more themes." You can either:

  • pick from our set of curated featured themes, or
  • use the dropdown menu to explore themes related to your personal niche.

Pick a category and explore the theme options in just a few clicks! 🎉

You can customize each theme to your personal taste and truly make your Beacons page your own. Your website can fully be "you" from start to finish! 🤩

Let us know your favorites and share your updated Beacons page with us via Twitter and Instagram!

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