Creator Spotlight: Spooky New England

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff
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To set the context, could you share more about your story?

I post videos about haunted places in and around New England. My TikTok account accidentally became popular when a joke video I made about the Lizzie Borden House went viral. I started making spooky content as a creative outlet while working as an emergency department Registered Nurse during a pandemic. The scary helped me cope with a much scarier reality. I got a Beacons page to make it easier for my followers to find me on other social media platforms. It has improved my confidence tremendously.

What was the hardest part of your journey?

The hardest part of my journey has probably been juggling between being a spooky creator and being an ER nurse during a pandemic. I had a long stretch of popular videos on TikTok, but I couldn’t post every day because I work 12 hour shifts. There were some weeks where I worked almost every day to combat the covid surge. It can be difficult to have passion and energy for both.

What are you most proud of achieving?

As far as being a creator goes, I’m most proud of having several viral videos and the extensive research I did on the Lizzie Borden Trial. I think what sets me apart is I do deep dives when I research a topic before I discuss it on the internet. I want to know all the facts.

Who is a creator you look up to?

A creator I look up to is @mybloodygalentine. She built herself this new life by being her spooky self. She’s even going to be on a documentary about the Amityville Horror House. Here is a photo of her and I in the cemetery.

Follow Spooky New England on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube at @spookynewengland

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