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What is it?

Drive traffic with custom short links

Supercharge any link. Create a custom URL that is short and sharable—plus, track analytics for all your short links in one place. It's a simple, fast, and important step to improve your traffic and help your content get the eyes it deserves.

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How to use?
  1. Input your link details
  2. Give your short link a name (so it’ll help you stay organized!)
  3. You can give you short link a customized name as well!
  4. Generate that link and you are all good to go!
  5. You can also look into your short links analytics as well as generate a QR code for it!
How can you use it?
Shorten any link
Track link click analytics
Track where clicks come from
Manage all links in one place
Gain insights on popular links
Shorten any URL
Simply input the link you want to shorten, add your own description, and press a button: now you've created a shareable short link!
Track link analytics
For each short link you create, view a breakdown of clicks, traffic, and engagement to learn what drives audience engagement.
Manage in one dashboard
All data and analytics for all of our custom short links is available in one easy-to-use dashboard to make your insights more accessible.
Create a custom short link
You can also create a custom short link or vanity link that makes it easier for your audience to visit your link. Show off your brand and make it look how you want!
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What does a link shortener do?

A link shortener, or URL shortener, transforms a longer URL into a short, condensed link. Anyone who clicks the short link will be redirected to the destination URL. Short links are easier to share and easier to incorporate into online content (such as captions, descriptions, etc.), making it an incredibly useful tool for content creators across every niche.

Beacons's link shortener also give you the ability to track and manager all short links you create in one dashboard, providing you with insights on individual links and an overall picture of traffic and engagement across different links.

What are the benefits of a short URL?

A short URL is easier to share than a long string of characters, letter, and words in a traditional web address. By creating a short URL, you make it easier for yourself and your fans to share links to your content across the internet and IRL. Managing all of your shareable links as short links in Beacons's link shortener tool also gives you one central place to track link traffic and clicks so you can learn about which links and content drive the most engagement.

You can create a short link in a few clicks—it's a simple and easy process that helps to amplify the sharing of your brand and content.

What short link analytics will I be able to view?

You can track the engagement of each link daily in terms of clicks, and see where the clicks are coming from such as from TikTok, Instagram, etc.

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