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Build a custom mobile site and put the link in your Instagram bio to direct your followers exactly where you want them!

Make money selling ebooks and your digital products in your own Instagram shop

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Our platform even comes with baked-in analytics, so you can see how your followers are interacting with your website and what they’re responding to. Analytics for your monetization efforts will help you better cater to followers and expand your offerings to make them happy.

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If you’re an Instagram influencer, you know how important it is to network and grow your audience.
There’s no better way to do that than with the Beacons mini website builder and free link in bio tool.
Beacons works the way you need it to. With highly customizable blocks, you can tailor exactly how your page looks and take creative control of your own website.
Link followers to your other profiles, monetize your page, add landing pages and much more. Beacons gives you more control over your online presence than ever before.

How do Beacons’s Instagram Link in Bio Tools help earn you money?

An optimized link in bio for Instagram allows you to provide one convenient location where your followers can browse your eCommerce store and find all your links. Our Instagram link in bio tool helps you build a mobile site that effectively promotes digital goods and services you offer, from PDF files and audiobooks to on-demand video shoutout requests. Sign up now to monetize your Instagram.

How do you add a link in bio to your Instagram account?

Similar to adding TikTok link in bio information, you can also add a link to your bio in your Instagram account by first logging into your Instagram account. Then, follow these steps:

1. Select your profile icon (located at the bottom right of the Instagram application).
2. Choose "Edit Profile", which should appear at the top of the Instagram app screen.
3. Move to the "Custom Description" section of your profile.
4. Copy and paste your Beacons link.
5. Select "Done" when you have finished updating your bio with your official link(s).

Can Beacons's Instagram link in bio tools be used by any user?

Yes! With Beacons's Instagram link in bio tools, there are no limitations or restrictions when it comes to who is permitted to access and use the tools. Whether you have 10 followers or 3 million followers, Beacons's links for Instagram bio tools are always accessible to all creators.

How do you share your link in bio?

You add the link to the profile or bio section of platforms that allow a link in bio or at the top of your other social media pages. You can encourage fans and viewers to visit your bio to find the link and include calls to action in your captions that will let followers know that they can find more content in your link in bio. Most users on social platforms will know where to go if you tell them to visit your link in bio, so Beacons is the perfect way to increase your reach.

Does adding a link in bio to your Instagram help drive traffic to your website?

Yes, having a link in your bio on Insta can significantly increase the overall engagement of your online followers and help grow your business. An Instagram bio link can also help you to establish yourself as a professional influencer or brand with a well-designed mobile site. Using a link in your bio can also drive sales and provide valuable insights into the user data and website traffic you receive from your Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. For access to advanced analytics, you’ll want to sign up for Beacons Entreprenuer.

How much does it cost to use Beacons’s Instagram link in bio tool?

Currently, our Instagram link in bio tool is available with two plans: Creator (free) and Entrepreneur (pro). The Creator plan is available to users free of charge, while the Entrepreneur plan costs $10 per month.

The Creator plan is free forever and Beacons takes a 9% commission from all sales generated via the link in bio on your Instagram. The Entrepreneur plan has a 0% commission fee for Beacons, and you also unlock the ability to add a custom domain for free for a year and add additional pages to your site.

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