A Focused Feed
Stay at the forefront of your creators' dynamic performance in real-time.
About Social Feeds and Analytics
Connect your creator socials
Connect social accounts for your creators across multiple platforms.
Post Viewer
See organic and sponsored posts in real time in a custom, focused feed.
Highlight Wins
Track growth and identify content that moves the needle.
All in one place
Bypass the mess of logins
Multiple creators, multiple platforms, and all the data you need—in one place.
Advanced filtering
Search and filter by creator
Track performance of specific creators and filter groups by custom criteria.
Data-driven insights
We do the math, you get the insights
Find the data that matters already at your fingertips, no calculator required.
We love that we can monitor all social posts and analytics for our creators without having to open any other software or app.

It is incredible how Beacons has helped us streamline many of our processes. Our creators are mind blown by Beacons as well. This one tool has added so much value to our agency.
Camillo Doregos,
Founder of DC Talent
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