One Sheet
to rule them all
Create a snapshot to view and pitch multiple creators at a glance
About Rosters
Select creators
Filter and search your CRM to select  creators to include.
Create in one click
Add a custom description or message and click to generate.
Send to brands
Copy the link to your Roster to send to brands.
Auto-updating analytics
Say goodbye to screenshots
Always up to date, whether a brand views them in minutes or months.
Create multiple rosters
Build with one click
Select. Create. Sit back.
Enriched design
Better design, easily consumed
Make it easy for brands to say yes. The right info in the right format.
Media kits
Link to your Creator's Media Kits
Get granular. One click dives into any creator’s personal resume.
The Beacons Roster is something we can't live without and has become a vital feature to the success of our agency.

It allows us to share the most up to date accurate analytics of our creators.
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