Campaign Reports
Without the Pain
Deliver results the way brands want to read them with automated reports.
About Campaign Reports
Create a campaign
Select the brand for the campaign and name your report
Select Posts
Click to select relevant posts and automatically pull results.
Send to client
Send a link to clean results that continue to update in real time.
Auto-updating analytics
Say goodbye to screenshots
Always up to date, whether a brand views them in minutes or months.
Reliable reporting
Real-time, 100% accurate reporting
0% human error. Deliver results the way brands want to read them.
Social data
Multi-platform engagement data
Include every data point from multiple channels to create a cohesive picture.
Brand optimized
Everything brands want to see
From high-level summaries to detailed demographics: it's all automatic.
When I’m working with my clients, professionalism and branding are just as important as timeliness.

The Campaign Reports are so simple to build & were very impressive to show my client!

I’ll definitely be using these for every campaign moving forward.
Taylor Mitchell
Founder, VSBL studio
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