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Accept donations and tips from your followers with our donations block that helps you monetize your social media!

Accept donations from your followers on any platform, including TikTok, Instagram and Facebook

Collect money for important causes with our online fundraising tool

When you collect money with our online fundraising tool, we don’t charge fees!
You can get money for your goal and track your progress.
People can send donations directly to PayPal or Stripe and help you reach your goals faster than ever.

Enjoy no take fees or transaction fees when you earn with Beacons

Beacons couldn’t be easier to use. You can have your donations page up within minutes and share it to your social media platforms, and your followers can start donating that day. No fuss, no hassle — just connecting with followers and raising money for your cause.

Easy to use, easy to build

Ready when you want to go pro

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Extra Page Layouts
Custom Domain
Facebook Pixels
Team accounts
Beacons is changing the game for content creators.
Our simple-to-use platform can help you set up a website in just minutes and start accepting money from your fans and followers.
Of course, this makes it super easy to monetize and sell your merch, but it also means you can easily accept donations and raise money. Our donation block helps you raise money for the causes that are important to you or accept tips and donations for your own services.
Whatever way you want to use Beacons is how you can design your page. It’s fully customizable, and you can update your pages at any time.

Accepting Donations Online FAQs

How do you accept donations online with Beacons?

Beacons makes it easy to accept donations on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms to make money via tips or support important causes. With our donations block, you can encourage your fans to donate as soon as possible. Beacons’s website builder and monetization tools for content creators allow you to create a unique donations page and accept donations in seconds. Both you and your followers will appreciate just how easy it is!

To start collecting donations online, you can follow these steps (we’ll use TikTok and Instagram in our example): 

  1. Create a Beacons account.
  2. Connect to your social media accounts through our secure platform.
  3. Copy the link and add it to your bio.
  4. Go to your TikTok or Instagram profiles.
  5. Tap on the menu icon.
  6. Choose the "settings and privacy" option.
  7. For TikTok, ensure you have a business account.
  8. Return to your TikTok or Instagram profile.
  9. Choose "edit profile."
  10. Select "add your website."
  11. Enter the link to your website and then select save.

Should you collect donations online?

Yes! Collecting donations online is simple and allows you to take monetization to the next level. A few benefits of using a donation block on your social media profiles can help you raise more money for the causes you care about or your own nonprofit organization. 

There are many advantages of accepting donations online by using a website builder to create a custom donations page, including: 

  1. Makes donating easy: By allowing your followers to donate online, you make it easier for them to give money to their favorite causes with a few clicks of a button instead of writing and sending a check.
  2. Can improve relationships with donors: When you use social media to promote your cause, you can build personal relationships with donors to encourage them to give more or spread the word.
  3. Expands your reach: Social media allows you to expand your reach to get more donations for your cause. 
  4. Drives traffic: A donations block can help drive traffic to your webpage, allowing you to grow your small business on Instagram and other platforms while raising more money than ever before for your favorite causes. 

How much does it cost to accept donations on Instagram and TikTok with Beacons?

Beacons has two plans for content creators, and both allow you to accept donations online. The free Creator plan allows you to create a custom webpage to accept donations, while the Entrepreneur plan—which is $10/mo—offers even more great features and customization options like extra page layouts, custom domains, and team accounts. 

Accepting donations with Beacons is free! We take no fees or transaction fees when you raise money with our donations block. 

What are tips for collecting donations online?

Accepting donations online has never been easier with our user-friendly design. That said, here are a few simple tips to increase your visibility online, find more donors, and increase donations:

  1. Create compelling content: The online creator space is competitive. That’s why compelling content is crucial if you want to captivate your audience and keep them interested in what you have to say. 
  2. Educate your audience: Your need to sell your followers on why they should donate to your cause. Explaining what the nonprofit does and why it’s important—and how that ties into their interests—can help entice more donors to give. 
  3. Have a CTA: Using a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your video or in your captions tells followers exactly what to do and where they need to go to donate. For example, adding “link in bio” to your captions instantly directs people to your Instagram link in bio.

Share your passion for giving back with our customizable donations block!

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