Top AI Task Scheduler Tools for Creators

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff
the 17 top AI tools for creators

Being a creator is an incredibly busy job. Luckily, there are tools that can give you your time back. Enter: an AI task scheduler.

You’re single handedly managing things from creating content to landing brand deals to selling products to engaging with your followers and more. As a result, you might feel strapped for time, wishing you had more time to do more to grow their business. One critical unlock for creators is leveraging AI. Here we outline the main ways in which creators can use AI to save time and some key AI tools for creators.

AI Task Scheduler

As a creator, you have tons of meetings - with brands, other creators, managers, and maybe even fans. AI can help take the work out of managing your calendar, which can sometimes feel like a full time job on its own. Below are some AI scheduling assistant tools for creators to manage your calendar and get your time back to create.

Clara - you can add Clara to any email, and “she” will take care of all the back and forth of scheduling

Trevor - Trevor helps you manage your day, prioritize your tasks, and more effectively allocate your time

Caption and Script Writing

We’ve all experienced writer’s block when planning or posting a new video or piece of content. AI can help spark your imagination! Below are some AI powered tools to help with caption and script writing.

OwlyWriter - OwlyWriter from Hootsuite lets you instantly generate captions when you’re ready to post a new piece of content

ChatGPT - most of you are probably already familiar with ChatGPT. You can describe your post and content goals and ask ChatGPT to generate caption ideas. The most specific your prompt, the better the result!

Image Generation

Emails, text based carousel posts, and stories can all benefit from a beautiful image to visually engage your fans. But stock images often feel too generic and low quality. AI, however, can generate novel, customized, high caliber images. Below are some AI powered image generation tools.

Stable Diffusion - give Stable Diffusion text based context, and it can generate photo realistic images

Firefly - Adobe’s generative AI tool helps you generate new content, colors, and effects given text inputs

image generation AI
Adobe Firefly

Video Generation

In addition to image generation, you can engage your fans with videos—and use AI to create assets quickly. The following tools help you create your dream videos in minutes.

InVideo - with InVideo, you can enter any topic and get a video with scenes and voiceovers that you can then edit

Synthesia - you can turn text into video with Synthesia. Synthesia also offers translations to over 120 languages with avatars

D-ID - D-ID lets you generate videos from photos centered around animated avatars


Editing is a critical yet major time suck for many creators, so it’s one of the highest leverage areas for AI to help. Below are some AI video editing tools.

Runway - Runway offers a wide array of generative AI tools, including video editing. AI takes over the more repetitive tasks while still allowing you to have control over your end product

Veed - Veed offers many tools to improve your videos from adding subtitles to audio to emojis and more

Ssemble - Ssemble lets you trim, split, rotate, adjust, and speed up your videos

video editing AI

Short Form Content Generation

Short form content is the key for follower growth. For example, on YouTube, posting shorts from your longer videos is a key way to connect with new followers and help your channel get discovered. Below are AI tools to help you more efficiently generate short form content.

Pictory - Pictory helps you make shareable content from longer videos with AI - Repurpose makes it easy for you to create short form content - Vidyo handles everything you need to make short form content from cutting to captioning and more

Brand Deal Outreach

Brand deals make up the majority of a creator’s income. Landing brand sponsorships is often a numbers game - you need to send as many emails as possible. But writing emails is quite tedious. Below are AI powered tools to help you with brand deal outreach.

Beacons - Beacons has a dedicated tool that generates customized emails specifically for you and the brands you want to work with

Ryter - Ryter helps with a wide range of tasks around written content generation given context and a prompt

AI brand deal outreach
AI brand deal outreach on Beacons

Getting Started

Here’s how to get started with incorporating AI in your workflow:

  • make a list of the tasks you do on a regular basis - for example, scheduling meetings with brands, or writing brand outreach emails
  • document how long you spend on these tasks - for example, 1 hr/day on calendar management, or 4 hrs/week writing cold outreach emails to brands
  • pick the category that you spend the most time on or otherwise find the most frustrating  - for example, if you hate spending time managing your calendar, you’ll want to look into ai task scheduler tools
  • research the tools in that category
  • pick a tool and get started!

Jessica Li
Jessica is the chief of staff at Beacons. Prior to Beacons, she was a content creator, writing for many publications, startups, and venture funds. She has previously worked in growth and venture capital.
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Sell in your creator store, build an email marketing strategy, score brand deals—all from your Beacons Link-in-Bio. Powered by AI.
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