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Jessica Li
Chief of Staff
The best email newsletter templates for your business are on Beacons

Why should creators use email marketing?

Email marketers aren't just for large corporations with millions of email addresses anymore. Building an email newsletter campaign helps creators own their audiences, communicate authentically, and make more sales or affiliate link income. If your social channels disappeared tomorrow, would you panic? With a large email list and an easy way to reach out to your community, you would have nothing to worry about. Even if you don't currently have a large email list, your subscribers don't necessarily know who else is receiving your emails. You can set up your newsletter format and use it today for just a few people and down the road for (hopefully) thousands of fans!

According to one survey of creators, email was perceived as the most important channel to grow in 2024.

Source: ConvertKit

What type of newsletter is right for me?

There is a wide range of email newsletter categories to consider when writing for your audience. For example, you could think of your email campaign as any one of the following:

  • A holiday newsletter
  • An ecommerce newsletter
  • A company newsletter
  • A business newsletter
  • A nonprofit newsletter
  • A real estate newsletter

Consider your niche and your audience when going through your email creation process. It's important for every new email you send to be engaging, interesting, and valuable. It's not just about the sending - you want those open and click rates to be high, too!

Email Newsletter Examples

File these ideas from amazing creators away as inspo for your future campaigns:

Sources, left to right: Noele Flowers; Lia Haberman; Embedded; The Boonly; Thousand Faces Club

You can also get great inspiration for different types of emails, including newsletters, from

Source: Really Great Emails

How do I find an email newsletter template?

You can find email newsletter templates on Beacons, within our email marketing app. Here are a few examples of our free email templates, and keep in mind that all the colors, images, text, branding, and content are FULLY customizable for your own personal email newsletter design:


External sites like Canva also make great email templates that you can check out for inspiration and design ideas:

Source: Canva

How do I write email campaigns?

Writing marketing emails to your fans doesn’t have to be (and frankly shouldn’t be) as boring writing term papers. Here are tips for making writing easier and painless:

Write how you’d talk

There’s no need for formality, especially when you’re writing to your fans! They love you for you. They love the way to talk already. Just write as if you were speaking to them in a livestream.

Start with a hook

One of the most important sentences is the first sentence of your email - this sentence can make or break, hook or lose, your reader. Think about the emails that you personally like to open - how are they written? What do they say? What drives you to read on? Model your own hook in this way.

Interview other people

Don’t put the pressure on yourself to offer a continuous stream of insights. Consider interviewing other people for a few (or even all) of your emails. You can transcribe or summarize what they say, which takes the work of coming up with brand new content and insights away.

Curate content

If you can’t find people to interview or just want to switch it up, you can curate content that’s already out there. There’s almost certainly some article you’ve wanted to read but never got around to. Wouldn’t it be great if someone had written an engaging summary of it? You could be that someone for your fans!

Here's a great email newsletter example that uses curation:
curated email
Source: Campaign Monitor

Be concise

Brevity is actually good! Don’t put the pressure on yourself to write a Moby Dick length novel every time. In fact, if you wrote a super long email, your fans might be turned off or click away after a few minutes of reading drains their attention span.

One great newsletter example is Josh Specter’s one-paragraph newsletter. He has almost 30K subscribers, so length is certainly not everything!

writing marketing emails in a concise way
Source: For the Interested

Focus on audience needs

You know your fans best, and you already create content that meets their needs and wants. As long as you write on a topic that is valuable for them, the small things like phrasing, grammar, structure, etc. doesn’t matter as much! People would rather read about an exciting topic with mediocre flow than a boring topic with excellent flow.

Stick with a structure

Writing is hard enough - don’t put the pressure on yourself to reinvent the structure of each email each time you go to write. Instead, decide on and stick to a set structure for most of your pieces. Here are examples of structures that you could choose to follow:

Product Announcement Email Structure
  • Header
  • 2 sentences about the product
  • Image of the product
  • CTA button
Newsletter Update
  • Heading
  • 1 intro sentence
  • 5 new updates from your week—for example:
  • if you’re a musician, list songs that inspired you
  • if you’re a travel credit carder, list your favorite credit card offers or travel deals
  • if you’re a lifestyle blogger, note your 5 favorite social replies of the month
  • Share 1 new piece of content you made this week
  • Sign off & CTA

Outline beforehand

Decouple writing from outlining. That way, when you go to write marketing emails, you don’t also have to figure out what you’re writing about. Since you have a structure already (per the above point), putting together an outline for each email shouldn’t be too complicated - just think of or find the information for each section.

Ready to start crafting your first email? Here’s what to do next:

  • Start small - don’t try to put together a whole sequence in one day, just aim to finish your hook sentence or a rough first draft
  • Make a plan - know what steps go into crafting your first email and block off time to execute
  • Write a little every day - start journaling just for yourself each day so you get into the habit of writing
  • Brainstorm non-written content - put together a list of non-written content you can integrate in your current and future emails

What can I include in my email design besides writing?

Some of the best and most differentiated emails actually draw on more than just writing skills! If you’re not a writer, don’t worry. Here’s how you can tap into your creativity and write marketing emails.


There’s so much you can do with video:

  • Record yourself saying what you would have liked to write
  • Make a funny video inspired by a trending meme
  • Walk your followers through your life
  • Film a Q and A video with another creator

You can use the Beacons Email Marketing tool - with the video block, you can automate grabbing thumbnails from videos and link directly.

Source: Hubspot


If videos are too complex, consider adding images instead. With images, you can:

  • Show photos of your workspace, pictures of your life, or sneak peaks of what you’re working on next
  • Incorporate a diagram of a concept you would have otherwise explained via text
Source: Canva

But don’t send an image only email - those can look spammy to spam filters. Dress your images with at least one caption or other written context.


We all love GIFs! They lighten the mood instantly. Consider adding GIFs to your emails - even if you do have text, GIFs serve to break up blocks of text and give your readers a mental break as well. You can search new and trending GIFs on Giphy and find the perfect one to capture your mood.

Social content

Don’t be afraid to reuse your social content! In fact, many creators use email as a way to share their social content highlights from the past week or month with their fans who may have missed it (or would just like to see it again).

You’ve already put the work in to create your social content, so why not share it with your top fans via email? You can create “best of the month” or “highlights from the week” or “in case you missed it” emails featuring your social content.

Add in something extra for your email subscribers - for example, you can offer exclusive, insider content. Or you can offer a thoughtful reply to an existing comment or a summary or perspective on how the content was received (especially for viral posts where followers may be especially curious about the aftermath).

Voice messages

If you are camera shy, you can add a voice message instead of a video. Record what you would have said in an email. Keep it casual like you are talking to a friend. Your fans just want to hear from you so don’t be afraid to bring your full, authentic self to the recording. In your recording, you can share just what’s on your mind, a message of encouragement, or a new tip.

If you need more inspiration, check out these great examples of creative and easy-to-make emails.

What is the best email newsletter builder?

You have a lot of choices these days when it comes to choosing an email template builder. Of course, we think Beacons is truly the best out of all full-stack email service providers because of all the many features we have to offer. On Beacons, you get an email builder with an intuitive email editor, an automated promotional email campaign builder, an AI subject line generator, and a wide variety of customizable email designs, plus your choice of a free plan or a next-level paid plan.

Ready to start launching email marketing campaigns?

Use Beacons’s easy-to-set-up Email Marketing tool! We have readymade emails to help make it even easier for you to get started!

Beacons readymade emails
Jessica Li
Jessica is the chief of staff at Beacons. Prior to Beacons, she was a content creator, writing for many publications, startups, and venture funds. She has previously worked in growth and venture capital.
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