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What is it?

Invoicing made for creators

Everything you need to send, track, and follow up on invoices in one place to make your life easier. Get organized with full visibility into when each invoice is sent, due, and paid. Spend less time chasing payments and more time doing what you love.

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How to use?
  1. Start building out a new invoice by clicking on +New Invoice.
  2. First, Who is this for? Add your Payer details (Add their Brand Logo for more customization!)
  3. Next, What is it for? This includes how much you are charging, the description of what this invoice is for, as well as adding the link to the Brand Deal if you’d like!
  4. When would you like to be paid by? Choose a custom date, or go with the generated Net 30, 60 or 90 days to get you paid on time!
  5. Make sure you add where you’d like the invoice to be fulfilled to (PayPal, Stripe or Connect a Bank account)
  6. We understand that most Brand Deals that are more than $600 in a given calendar year will need a W-9  for tax purposes. We give the option to create and add a W-9 if you’d like!
  7. And there it is! You can send the invoice directly to the brand, download the invoice as a PDF, copy the link, or simply view the invoice payment page!

How can you use it?
Generate invoices in minutes ⚡️
Easy to download as a PDF and share 📄
Generate and attach a W-9 📝
No more chasing payments 🏃‍♀️
Fits into your workflow 💪
Track payment status 🚦
All invoices in one place 💯
Download as PDF
Easy to send and save.
Many ways to send
Send your invoice in a link, email, or as a PDF. Fits easily into your process.
Direct deposits
Receive direct deposits and send money straight to your bank account.
Many payment methods
Multiple options for getting paid, including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH/Wire.
Duplicate an invoice
Save your future self some work. Duplicate invoices and make changes as needed.
Add a private note
Add personal notes about each invoice that only you can see for your future reference.
Mark as paid
Mark invoices as paid to stay organized. Keep track of payments received and those that are still outstanding.
Automatic reminders
Set automatic reminders. We'll follow up with your invoice recipients until you get paid—so you don't have to.
Generate and attach a W-9
Include a W-9 tax form for the invoices that need it.
Track your income
One simple dashboard to track payments and invoices, so you can take control of your income.
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Why should I send an invoice as a creator?

Invoices are professional requests for payment for content or services. After you've been contracted for content or services and sent your deliverable, send an invoice to the brand or partner. This invoice tells them how much to pay you, and how to send your payment.

Using an invoicing system helps you stay on top of your income. You can track all of your expected payments in one place and see invoices that are paid, due, and outstanding. This helps ensure that you always get paid on time for your hard work as a creator.

Invoicing helps you build professional processes and scale your creator business. Put these good practices into place now and save yourself time and worry!

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